Business Cards and Other Materials Necessary for Start-Up Businesses

Small and start-up businesses sometimes have it tough when it comes to marketing. Money is usually low, and profits are small since there are not a lot of people who know about their company yet. The problem here is that the only way to get more customers is to market, and marketing requires money. There are, however, three essential marketing materials that even the smallest and newest of businesses should consider investing in. The use of business cards, a good website and personalized stationary are absolutely necessary, and should be prioritized by any new company.

Business cards can sometimes be a bit tricky. Their purpose is to give potential customers basic information about your company while making them aware of your presence. However, with the numbers of people using business cards today, it is extremely essential that your card stands out without losing function. It is very easy to create a wildly artistic card that will attract the attention of just about anybody, but if your card does not draw attention to the important information about your company, it will be a waste of art.

Be sure to include the essential information on your business card such as your name, the company’s name, a phone number where you can be reached, your website, your address and, if you prefer your company motto or short phrase about your services. If you as an individual are the main focus of the company, sometimes it is a good idea to be creative and turn your business card into a sort of mini resume. It would then include some basic content on your experience and qualifications, showing customers why you are an expert in this field. It is very important that your company logo also appears on your business card.

When it comes to color on your business card, the key is to be unified. Your company logo, company signs, advertising material and business card should all have a unified color scheme in order to create brand recognition. If you want your business card to be fully effective, it should exude your brand and increase the brand recognition.

You will need to be careful about how you give out your business card. There are rules of etiquette that are attached to handing out business cards, and it is important that you follow them to make the best first impression. You do not want to simply walk around handing out your cards. Instead, you want to give your card to anyone who shows an interest in your professional life. It is also a good idea to post your business card on bulletin boards at local restaurants and retail establishments. Give them to customers as a way to continue their connection to you. There are many ways to get rid of business cards effectively and avoid offending people by being over anxious.

A good website is another marketing material that no business should do without. The key to your website is to have it exude professionalism, convincing every visitor that you are an expert at what you are doing, and can provide them with excellent service. If you can achieve this within your own abilities to create a website then do so, but if you want a website that will truly stand out, then you may want enlist the help of a professional.

There are, however, a few rules of thumb that you should ensure are followed when you create your site. First, it should be very easy to navigate. Every user who comes on your site should be able to get to the information that they needs within a couple of clicks from the home page. The path from page to page should be logical and easy to follow by those visiting. If this does not happen, then your site will likely confuse and frustrate consumers, turning them away from your company completely. You should also avoid any excess text. If your site looks cluttered consumers might be overwhelmed and turn away also. Be sure to draw them in with an attractive layout and small blocks of text that are well spread out. A final word of advice is to unify your website so that it exudes the qualities that represent your brand and does not confuse customers in any way.

The final essential marketing material that your small or start-up business should use is personalized stationary. This tactic is often is easier than the others to obtain, but just as important. When a potential customer receives a letter with your logo and letterhead, it can really make you appear more established and professional. Custom stationary is relatively inexpensive and can make your business appear worthy of attention. Use this tool whenever you can, and it will help you appear more legitimate in the eyes of even the most discerning consumers.

Figuring out marketing solutions when you are a small or start-up business is a great challenge. Start with the three discussed building blocks, business cards, a well developed and uniform website, and personalized stationary, and you should be well set toward establishing yourself and your business.

Nick Kakolowski is a freelance writer who writes about small businesses and branding, often describing is specific aspect of branding such as utilizing business cards.

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